Jobel Coronado continues to break his opponents in the third race of Machete EnduroPro Championship in the Dominican Republic. 

Coronado got his third consecutive win against Rene Columna and Gabriel Lister, the latter second and third respectively. 

Coronado took an advantage of almost 20 minutes before his opponents in the route traced in the town of La Peña in Jarabacoa.

A demanding route was even more complicated by the rains, tested the physical condition of all riders, regardless of category.

The "HareScramble" was held on Sunday, April 9 in Jarabacoa, La Vega. 

The A master class was led for the third consecutive time by Daniel Rodríguez. Victor Beato took the runner-up result again, while Omar Troncoso claimed a debut third place in the Championship. 

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In B class Lucas Marte, Carlos Lister and Daniel Medina secured the top three spots. 

In master B, Danny Amarante, Angel Ubiera and Amin Amell topped the podium.

In category C Ricky Rodríguez took his third consecutive win. Francisco Hiraldo was second and Jose Adan Alejo third. 

The category of the veterans was led by Jorge Medina, followed by René Columna and Mario Medina. Finally in category D Jasul Moreno, Ramon Trejo and Wilson Caraballo were top three.

June 23 and 24 will be the Machete Hard Enduro in Cabarete, Puerto Plata. 

This will be the most important race of the year, with Alfredo Gomez, Cody Webb, Mario Roman, Pol Tarres and Graham Jarvis fighting for top honours.


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Words: Giancarlo Valdez