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2018 YAM WR250F EU DPBSE STA 001 53921

Yamaha’s 2018 enduro range has been unveiled with the WR250F undergoing a host of changes aimed at upping its game. A new cylinder head, piston, camshaft and shorter intake – all boost engine performance on the WR250F.

For 2018 the baby WR will also cherry-pick the frame from its YZ250F motocross sibling and KYB suspension also gets a tweak, there’s also no longer a kickstarter and new graphics include saucy blue rims.

New Features: 2018 WR250F

  • Newly designed cylinder head 
  • Lightweight flat top piston with DLC coating 
  • Intake and exhaust camshafts and valve springs 
  • Shortened intake funnel 
  • New ECU 
  • Redeveloped YZ250F-based aluminium frame 
  • Optimised suspension settings 
  • Additional side cover 
  • New graphics and blue rims

2018 Yamaha WR250F EU Racing Blue Studio 003

WR250F upgrades for 2018 in detail

The WR250F boasts a number of new features to its unique rearward slanted, liquid-cooled, DOHC, titanium valved four-stroke engine. A new cylinder head design with reshaped intake and exhaust ports matches a new shorter intake funnel to boost top-end power.

New camshafts and valve springs increase low to mid-range power output too. The WR250F’s new cylinder head houses a lighter, flat-top piston design mated to a new shorter piston pin containing a DLC (diamond like carbon) coating to reduce friction and increase hardness.

The 2018 250’s crank has a new balance ratio and new nickel-chromoly steel connecting rod to produce broader, more balanced and predictable power while boosting reliability Yamaha claims. A revised ECU sends new 3-D mapping to the fuel injection system to improve power output and engine feeling as well as upping the rev-limiter. For a smoother clutch feeling the clutch push lever is redesigned, and to save weight, the kickstarter mechanism is removed.

2018 Yamaha WR250F EU Racing Blue Studio 001

Perhaps the bigger news is the WR250F will wear the YZ250F’s frame for 2018. Featuring a central beam that's 12mm wider at the widest point - as well as newly shaped steel engine brackets and repositioned foot pegs - the 2018 WR250F promises to be a stronger and better-balanced machine with more precise handling.  

The widely acclaimed fully adjustable KYB spring-type forks and the KYB rear shock get new settings for the revised frame and engine character. For 2018 the WR250F comes with fresh new graphics, blue rims and an additional side cover. All of which sounds good from the boys in blue and will be welcome on the 250F. 

New Features: WR450F

  • New ECU and engine maps 
  • Optimised suspension settings 
  • Additional side cover 
  • New graphics and blue rims


2018 YAM WR450F EU DPBSE DET 009 53915

WR450F upgrades for 2018 in detail

The 2018 WR450F has fewer changes, save for a mapping and suspension change basically. A tweaked ECU improves fuelling and ignition timing for better throttle feel and a smoother pick up.

The 450F also has slightly revised KYB suspension settings and weight is reduced with the removal of the kickstarter, like the 250F. It’ll be a talking point for some, but Yamaha is confident, like so many manufacturers are, in the reliability of its battery and starter motor system.

The WR450F also features new graphics, blue rims and an additional side cover.   



Don’t get these 2018 models confused with the 2018 YZ450F, which underwent slightly more significant changes. Some of the engine changes are along similar lines but it isn’t a as comprehensive.

Nor indeed should you get confused with the EnduroGP models we tested earlier in the summer. We’re hoping (expecting) bigger changes to the WR450F model in the future (possibly the 2019 model year) along the same lines.

2018 YAM WR450F EU DPBSE STA 001 53918


The 2018 WR250F and WR450F will be available at Yamaha dealers during October 2017. Contact your dealer for details.



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