We live busy lives, always chasing time — there’s never enough. So why waste what precious time we do have by watching your local race through the screen of your phone? Sometimes it’s better to switch off and enjoy what’s happening right in front of you…



With eyes locked down the barrel of my camera lens, my trigger finger twitches anxiously as I wait for the world’s best hard enduro riders to come hurtling down Red Bull Sea to Sky’s beach front.

The announcer’s voice has increased in tempo and pitch, so I know we’re moments from go, even if I can’t understand what he’s saying.

A couple of thousand arm-stretched camera phones line the barriers eager to capture the action.

Suddenly, from my peripheral vision, I catch sight of a child, no more than five or six, clamber through a gap in the barrier and onto the track.

My heart hits my mouth and I freeze on the spot. Where’s her parents?

She too has got a phone in her hand. It’s in video mode and she’s trying to mimic the actions of the adults around her. But she doesn’t know why.

Thankfully, as suddenly as she arrives on track, she disappears again, darting back into the crowd.

Sweat beads of relief drip from my forehead and moments later Jonny Walker blasts past oblivious to what I’d just witnessed.

It seems the majority of us now go to the races and watch it through a four inch screen, then immediately upload it to social media for approval.

I include myself in that statement because we’re all guilty of it from time to time.

But there comes a point when it needs to stop. And for me that little girl was it.

So I say, put your phone away. Leave them in your pocket. 

Watch the racing with your eyes and enjoy the moments with the family and friends you came with.

Because ultimately that’s what matters most, not likes garnered from strangers on social media.



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Robert Lynn
Enduro21 Editor