Spectacular riding in Styria for round two of the Austrian Enduro Trophy series saw Bernhard Schöpf take his second win of the season, ahead "special guest" Mani Lettenbichler. 


Last weekend saw the Austrian Enduro Trophy 2018 arrive in Rinegg and Ranten for round two of the series. The five kilometre race in a brand new location presented riders with some technical forest passages, fast meadows and many challenging hills.

Winner of the opening Enduro Trophy round in Wimpassing, Bernhard Schöpf continued his form at Rinegg: "After the start I was able to three, four corners take over the lead. But when the laps began, my lead was quickly gone.” Said Schöpf after the race.

“Manuel (Lettenbichler) and Thomas (Hostinsky) had warmed up by then and were applying the pressure. Thomas then took the lead but I was able to fight back to the top and I am very happy about this race win."


Austrian Enduro Bernhard SchoepfcIrina Gorodnyakova Enduro21 560

Photo Credit: Irena Gorodnyakova


Second-placed went to Manuel Lettenbichler, currently in the preparation for the outdoor hard enduro races after his SuperEnduro season. For Mini Letti, the ÖM run in the Niedere Tauern was good race training: "My race went pretty well. I'm especially happy that I was able to maintain the speed for the entire two hours. I would have liked, of course, if the track would have been even more difficult. But it was a very good enduro training for me. "

Third place went to the East Tyrolean veteran Matthias Wibmer. The Husqvarna rider was in contention at first, but then had to let the trio Schöpf/Lettenbichler/Hostinsky go: "I tried to stay as close as possible. Thomas Hostinsky has obviously taken too much risk and made some mistakes. So I finally managed to catch him and drive to the podium."

Round three of the Enduro Trophy hits Perchau on June 16 – an event well known for its legendary gravel slope straight off the start which ensure spectacular scenes every year.


Enduro Trophy" round two results: 

  1. Bernhard Schöpf (KTM), 
  2. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM), 
  3. Matthias Wibmer (Husqvarna), 
  4. Thomas Hostinsky (Husqvarna), 
  5. Michael Feichtinger Husqvarna), 
  6. Florian Reichinger (Husqvarna), 
  7. Philipp Schneider (KTM), 
  8. Martin Ortner (KTM)