First look: 2020 GASGAS EC and XC Range

GasGas release details of their updated 2020 EC and XC Enduro range due for production in September 2019.


The news coming out of Girona and the GasGas factory is positive with the release of details about the 2020 EC and XC Enduro models.

GasGas are working to renew their image within Enduro and Off Road to, in their words, “maintain the wild appeal of the unmistakable two-stroke bikes”. Recent "restructuring" within the factory has caused negative press this summer but the news of the 2020 models is a positive.

The new models are an evolution of the existing bikes which Enduro21 has tried and tested to good effect. With the aim to be “the best version of itself”, GasGas is presenting the renewed 2020 range as bikes for all levels of rider across all off road terrain.

GasGas Enduro 2020 model new features:

  • Fast front wheel axle extractor
  • New special graphics series 
  • New Regina Z-Ring Light running 520/135 ZSA chain that reduces 40% the friction and maintains the same mechanical properties
  • New frame paint with better adhesion to impacts and chemical agents
  • 28.6 mm diameter handlebar without a central tension bar
  • Reinforced radiators
  • Reintroduction of the new EC / XC 200cc enduro model with modified engine thermodynamics to improve the delivery of torque throughout the regime
  • Exhaust FMF POWERCORE 2.1
  • Re-adjusted double map switch settings (dry/rain modes)
GasGas EC MY2020 8743 560

GasGas say their Enduro technical department has concentrated its efforts on improvements to the engine and suspension in the EC and XC models for 2020 – though it must be said from the press release information we cannot see the suspension or engine have been updated this model year.

Nerve-the-less, GasGas is known for the quality of the components including the strong two-stroke engines and the Kayaba suspension. Add to that the FMF exhaust system, Keihin carburettor, Magura clutch master cylinder and Excel wheels all as standard.

The 2020 models incorporate a 28.6 mm diameter handlebar, without a central tension bar, a new protector designed by the brand, “optimized” flanges to provide greater rigidity to the steering column. 

GasGas EC MY2020 handlebars 8910 560

A new electric start system and “dry/wet” ignition map helps the rider adapt the power delivery to the riding conditions. The new “dry” map is the ignition map for maximum torque delivery while the “wet” map provides torque delivery for better traction in slippery areas for all who want a greater feeling of their bike.

A key element also is the price which comes in a healthy amount underneath the 250 and 300 two-stroke 2020 models from Austria. Check your nearest dealer or importer for details.

GasGas EC MY2020 radiator 8816 560

The new GasGas Enduro 2020 series consists the EC 300/250/200 cc for Europe and the XC 300/250/200cc cross-country versions (not homologated), mainly intended for the US market and for use on closed course circuits.
GasGas say production of hte new modes is scheduled to begin early in the fall/September 2019.

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