Eye candy don’t come much sweeter than Kyle Redmond’s factory built Beta RR300 endurocross ride…

One of the few two strokes competing in the AMA EnduroCross Championship, Kyle Redmond’s Beta RR 300 is one of beauty. Dripping in bling, she’s a certain eye catcher.

Kevin Spina has been Kyle’s mechanic at Beta USA for the last two seasons, he runs us through the setup…


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 1036 1200

Firstly we’ve opted to run the 2016 Beta RR 2T 300 Racing Edition for this year’s series. After testing it back to back with the 250, Kyle prefers the 300 better. Lowdown the engine lugs differently than the 250. In the rock sections he can slug the motor and keep the wheel from spinning and up top it puts out more power. Overall we felt it was the better package for us.

The 300 is already powerful stock so we haven’t heavily modified the motor. The tracks are short so we shoot a little bit for more bottom end by raising the compression and playing around with jetting on the Kehin carburettor. 


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 1002 1200

For the exhaust set up we swap the standard FMF pipe for a FMF Factory Fatty and the silencer is a QStealth. Funnel Web Filters keep the engine breathing right.

With this bike, building it as light as possible for endurocross was one of our main goals. We’ve saved a chunk of weight by running a three-speed gearbox. We never use fourth, fifth or sixth so they had to go. So it’s the stock gear ratios of only first, second and third inside. A Rekluse Manual Clutch keeps things in check.


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 0927 1200

Gearing is a 13/49 sprocket setup. Very rarely will we use a larger rear sprocket. We use a DID non-oring chain too.


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 0937 1200

We’ve also removed the kickstarter and only use the electric start motor to save more weight. Yes, the electric weighs more than the kickstart mechanism, but it’s a no brainer to keep as it’s much easier to hit the starter button with your thumb should you crash and stall the engine than pull out the kickstart.


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 1047 1200

The frame is standard but things like brackets for the side stand have been cut off to save weight. We’ve also milled out the subframe - there’s nothing lighter than a hole! After that we use titanium bolts almost everywhere. 


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 0906 1 1600

Suspension setup wise Kyle is a pretty smooth rider. We run it a little harder than stock. We look for a plushness at the top of the stroke with a good bottoming resistance for the larger hits. We use a closed cartridge Sachs front fork and a Fox shock on the rear. Both are valved and sprung for him in-house at Beta USA.


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 1023 1200

The right tyres are important in endurocross. We opt for Kenda Tyres with a Trackmaster on the rear and a Washougal 2 dual compound on the front. They are fitted to a set of DID rims and talon hubs.


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 0906 2 1600

InnTeck provide the stopping power with a full floating front disc and sold rear. Pads are also InnTeck.

We use Fastway foot pegs with changeable studs. They are adjustable by 5mm both up and down. Kyle is the only one on the team to have them in the full down and back position.


kyle redmond beta rr 300 7M 0992 1200

Protection wise Bullet Proof Designs radiator guards are fitted. A skid plate with tail protects the linkage and engine casings. A Beta shark fin guards the rear disc.


kyle redmond beta rr 300 racing 1 1600

The fuel tank is stock. Kyle runs the McGrath bend ODI handlebar with white soft compound grips. Levers are stock but fitted to ARC clamps which slip during a crash. We use a Motoseat gripper seat, frame grips and HPD graphics to complete the look.