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Hands down Steve Holcombe has been one of the standout performers of this year’s EWC. But the path to success hasn’t been an easy one for the 22-year-old Brit.

Let’s hear how the 2016 Enduro 3 World Champion describes his own road to glory via this inspiring post on his personal account…

“It took me 16 years. I wrote this when I was six years old and have held onto this dream every since. “Growing up you hope and believe that one day you will have your dream job and for me that was to become a professional motorcycle rider. That dream became a reality on the 1/1/2016, when my professional contract for Beta began.”

“This wasn't handed to me on a plate, I've worked hard and sacrificed to get where I am now and so have my family. I can remember thinking to myself after my first EWC race at the end of 2014 after finishing 10th in the juniors, how will I ever be as fast as these guys?"

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“It's taken a lot of hard work and dedication from a lot of great people to help me get here and I can't thank them enough. I also want to thank those who didn't believe in me or give me any credit. They lit a fire inside me that gave the motivation to dig deep in training on and off the bike. Thank you!”

Congatrs Steve, you totally deserve this title...