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Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi / Future7Media

The 2017 EnduroGP World Championship is set to sign off with the final round of action this weekend in Germany.

The legendary Zschopau region plays host to the season finale, where anything is but decided regards championship honours.

A tough and traditional enduro is set to settle the scores of the 2017 series, with plenty of mud, ruts and snotty forestry terrain awaiting.

At the head of the field, it’s Steve Holcombe who nervously sits at the top of the EnduroGP classification.

With a 40-point point’s cushion over Loic Larrieu, he’s got a bit of bumper to work with.

Things are closer in Enduro2 with just 13 points separating Josep Garcia and Jamie McCanney — a rider who always delivers in the mud.

Even closer is the battle for Junior honours as David Soreca hangs onto a four-point lead over  Brad Freeman, while home hero Maria Franke aims to topple Laia Sanz in the Women’s class.

With everything to play for, it’s game on for Germany.

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Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi / Future7Media

EnduroGP — Holcombe is champion elect

Steve HOLCOMBE (GB - Beta) was dominant in the Enduro Sprint at Hawkstone Park, and could have returned from his home Grand Prix with the World Championship crown.

But a problem with his rear wheel, coupled with the third place result of Loïc LARRIEU (F - Yamaha) during the cross-country race, meant otherwise. 

HOLCOMBE nevertheless arrives in Zschopau with a comfortable lead of 40 points over the Frenchman, and if he faces no mechanical or physical problems should be crowned on the first day of the race in Zschopau. 

But we can count on a LARRIEU to do all he can to keep his title hopes alive.

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Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi / Future7Media

Nathan WATSON (GB - KTM), in full form at the end of the season, is fighting for a place on the final podium with Sherco’s Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS).

On a high since July, Christophe CHARLIER (F - Husqvarna) made history recently as the first rider to win the ISDE and the MXoN in the same year. In Germany, he aims for his first enduro victory on the international stage?

The two Spaniards Jaume BETRIU (KTM) and Cristobal GUERRERO (Yamaha) will also be closely watched in the fight for the honorary title of “Privateer of the Year”.

On their side, Italians Alex SALVINI (Beta), Giacomo REDONDI (Honda) and Deny PHILIPPAERTS (Beta) will be keen to finish the season strong before going into a busy off season. 

Seriously injuring his knee at the start of the season, Gas Gas factory rider Antoine BASSET (F)  returns to action in Zschopau. 

Finally, a strong German contingent led by Marco NEUBERT (KTM) will be keen to prove that German enduro riders have the talent to compete with the world's best.

josep.garcia EWC 2017 Rnd 7 2534

Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi / Future7Media

Enduro2 — Garcia in control

Jamie MCCANNEY (GB - Yamaha) had hoped to leave his home Grand Prix with the Enduro 2 championship lead, or at the very least be within striking distance of his Spanish rival Josep GARCIA (E - KTM). 

But with GARCIA winning EnduroGP's first ever sprint enduro, before finishing third in the cross-country race at Hawkstone Park, he carries a 13-point lead into the final event of the season. 

However nothing is lost for the Isle of Man rider MCCANNEY and knowing his character, he will try everything to give Yamaha their first World title since Johnny AUBERT (F) in 2008.

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Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi / Future7Media

Eero REMES (SF - TM), Pascal RAUCHENECKER (AUT - Husqvarna), Danny MCCANNEY (GB - Husqvarna) and Davide GUARNERI (I - Honda) could play an important role in this fight between the two favourites in Enduro2. 

There is no doubt that riders such as Henri STIGELL (SF - Husqvarna), Daniel SANDERS (AUS - KTM) or Thomas OLDRATI (I - Husqvarna) and Jonathan BARRAGAN (E - Gas Gas) would like to shine during the last GP of the year.

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Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi / Future7Media

Junior — Soreca under pressure from Freeman

In the Junior category Davide SORECA (I - Honda) is the current leader, but Brad FREEMAN (GB - Beta) has never been more competitive. 

Only four points separate the two riders and it looks to be a battle that will continue until the very last test of the season. 

Albin ELOWSON (S - Husqvarna), Matteo CAVALLO (I - Beta) and the returning Mikael PERSSON (S - Yamaha) could also play an important role in the outcome of the championship, while all look to end their own seasons on a high.

125 Youth Cup — Battle of the Young Guns

In FIM Youth 125cc class, there is a fine battle between the three GP winner - Andrea VERONA (I - TM), Leo LE QUERE (F - TM) and Ruy BARBOSA (CL - Husqvarna). 

BARBOSA will certainly want to repeat his recent impressive performance from Hawkstone Park, but VERONA will try to remind everyone why he was crowned World Champion two GPs before the end of the season.

ruy.barbosa EWC 2017 Rnd 7 1427

Photo credit: Andrea Belluschi / Future7Media

Women’s Cup — Franke pushing home advantage

Maria FRANKE (D - KTM) has the advantage of competing at home, but it will still take an error from Laïa SANZ (E - KTM) in order to steal the Women's title away. 

But nothing is impossible and FRANKE has already proved at the GP of Hungary that she is capable of beating SANZ. 

Together with the expected FRANKE v SANZ battle, British rider Jane DANIELS (GB - Husqvarna) can't be ruled out as a possible final round winner.

So with all the major titles still hanging in the balance, it time for Germany to decide this year’s EnduroGP World Champions.