EnduroGP Spain 2019 preview – can Freeman do it again?

Santiado de Compostela, Spain, hosts the third round of EnduroGP and Brad Freeman will be looking to be stop Holcombe’s dominance once more.  


The EnduroGP World Championship slingshots straight into the third GP of the season this weekend in Santiago de Compostela and all eyes are on Brad Freeman proved last Sunday in Portugal that EnduroGP World Champion Steve Holcombe is beatable.

After a brilliant performance on day two, Freeman took advantage of his main rival’s mistakes to end Holcombe’s dominance in the 2019 season. That said and despite the second-place finish on Sunday, Steve continues to maintain the lead in the EnduroGP class by eight points and has clearly been in fine form so far in 2019. 

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Alex Salvini is also a rider to watch at this GP. Back at his best in Portugal, Salvini put on strong performances finishing third overall on both days and first in E2. Danny McCanney had a slightly tougher time in Portugal than we had become accustomed to this year from the Manxman with two fourth place finishes overall. 

Loïc Larrieu hit with bad luck in Portugal when his TM gave up on Saturday in the third test when he was sitting second in the overall. Both TM riders will be familiar with the wet and muddy conditions expected this weekend and will want to get back on the podiums in Spain.

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Freeman on top on E1 

Undefeated in E1, Brad Freeman is proving to be best in the class and the biggest threat to Holcombe in EnduroGP scratch class. Davide Guarneri and Matteo Cavallo are getting stronger though with Guarneri on-song on day two in Portugal and Cavallo, the reigning Junior World Champion, getting to grips with the senior category this season and growing stronger by the round. 

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Salvini the new leader in E2

Alex Salvini was the fastest on his Honda in Portugal on both days and after Loïc Larrieu’s double DNF, Salvini leads the points. Nevertheless, RedMoto Honda’s Christophe Charlier is just six points down in second overall and Benja Herrera is impressing many currently in third overall on the 4T Beta.

Eero Remes and Giacomo Redondi were in the top five both days in Portugal and they will look to improve their results this weekend.

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Steve Holcombe continues his dominance in E3

Steve Holcombe has finished at the top of the E3 podium at every round this 2019 (in fact for the last 14 days racing having not stepped down since day one of the third round in 2018).

The Beta rider is giving nearly no chance to his rivals so far but we know the early season Italian Championship rounds that Jamie McCanney can do that job. Spain could be that GP. 

Anthony Geslin, David Abgrall and Simone Trapletti will all take advantage from the Gas Gas squad pulling Christophe Nambotin from their home GP (see our separate story on Gas Gas). 

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Verona and Francisco topping the Juniors

With four out of four wins this season Andrea Verona left Portugal with a 25-point advantage over Enric Francisco in the Juniors. Close to the top spot on Sunday, Francisco showed he has progressed and is a clear contender for a win.

Wil Ruprecht will want to redeem himself from the bad performance in Portugal and will aim for his first World Championship win.

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In J1 Andrea Verona holds a wide margin in the points over second-placed, Theo Espinasse, and Ruprecht in third – both will have to watch for Thomas Dubost who got his first career podium in Portugal.

Enric Francisco has taken the lead in the J2 class and is six points ahead on Jack Edmondson, who now sits second. The Spaniard and the Brit should have a fierce and interesting duel this weekend with Francisco boosted by his home crowd but certainly British rider Edmondson will be familiar with the wet and muddy conditions.

Ruy Barbosa, Emanuele Facchetti and Leo Le Quere who also were close to the top spots in Portugal. 

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Hamish MacDonald on another level in the Youth 125cc

The Kiwi Hamish MacDonald is another rider leaving no chance for his rivals to get the taste of victory after winning every round contested in 2019. MacDonald has shown his rivals that he is a step ahead of them by finishing at every round with a clear margin over the second rider.

Claudio Spanu, Matteo Pavoni, Alejandro Navarro and Dan Mundell will have to be at the top of their game to meet the rise of the New Zealander at this GP.

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For the third round of the EnduroGP championship the Club Movete Na Moto Lalin have laid on three 65km laps around the holy city of Santiago de Compostela. 

The San Lorenzo Stadium will host the paddock and race offices as well as Friday night’s Akrapovic Super Test and the Technomousse Xtreme Test. 

Heading out of the stadium riders face a nine minute Maxxis Cross Test located in A Sionlla, a nearby industrial area. The slightly longer Champion Enduro Test follows and is also located in the same area, which makes things easy for the fans. The lap finishes at the stadium with the Technomousse Xtreme Test. 

Action will kick off at 19:00 GMT on Friday with the Akrapovic Super Test. 

We’re in the thick of the 2019 EnduroGP season now, bring on the Spanish mud!


Photo credit: Future7Media/Andrea Belluschi
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