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Graham Jarvis has taken victory at the 2018 Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble – ahead of Jonny Walker in second and Manuel Lettenbichler third.


It is Jarvis’s fourth win at the iconic Austrian event and possibly his sweetest victory in what turned out to be a tough, fast-paced Erzberg this year. 

Early leaders Manuel Lettenbichler and Billy Bolt were looking strong for the win in the first hour, making mincemeat of Erzberg's classic climbs like 'Machine' and then riding together through the legendary Carl’s Dinner. 

Switching back through the 'Diner' for two assaults this year, Mani and Billy were setting a fast pace. At this point Jarvis had already picked riders off from an early 17th place to close in on Jonny Walker in third.

Arriving at the steep uphill section called Grune Holle (Green Hell) it was to be the race-changing section of the 2018 Erzberg Hare Scramble. Lettenbichler and Bolt got caught up, blowing energy and time helping each other. It was all the invitation Jarvis and Walker needed to close in and take up the reigns.

Jarvis left Green Hell in front and maintained his lead through the last tough section, Dynamite, and down the mountain again to the finish in a mind-blowing 2h:05m:59s total running time. 

“I just can’t believe it." Said Jarvis on the finish line. "I was just hanging on and hanging on for the win. I hit Green Hell well at the bottom and managed to get a fair way up but still had to do some pushing. That’s where I got by the guys and I was cramping up after that. Really I was just hanging on but I managed it.” 


In total 500 riders became 23 official finishers at this year's Hare Scramble, round two of the WESS championship. Perhaps the most relieved was Leon Hentschel who clocked in just 14 seconds shy of the four hour time limit. 


2018 Hare Scramble Finishers:

  1. Graham Jarvis 2hrs:5m:59s
  2. Jonny Walker 2hrs:6m:40s
  3. Manuel Lettenbichler 2hrs:9m:02s
  4. Wade Young 2hrs:21m:44s
  5. Billy Bolt 2hrs:30m:03s
  6. Travis Teasdale 2hrs:38m:49s
  7. Paul Bolton 2hrs:39m:40s
  8. Taddy Blazusiak 2hrs:41m:51s
  9. Pol Tarres 2hrs:54m:40s
  10. Mario Roman 2hrs:58m:57s
  11. Dieter Rudolf 2hrs:59m:16s
  12. Colton Haaker 2hrs:59m:33s
  13. Blake Gutzeit 3hrs:00m:13s
  14. Philipp Scholz 3hrs:11m:28s
  15. Lars Enockl 3hrs:18m:17s
  16. Jozsa Norbert Levente 3hrs:24m:02s
  17. Josep Garcia Montana 3hrs:24m:11s
  18. Daniel Oliveras 3hrs:31m:23s
  19. Kevin Gallas 3hrs:31m:36s
  20. Joakim Ljunggren 3hrs:49m:04s
  21. Xavier Leon Sole 3hrs:50m:22s
  22. David Cyprian 3hrs:57m:50s
  23. Leon Hentschel 3hrs:59m:46s



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Jon Pearson
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