The Tough One Extreme Enduro takes radical step to run timed sprint test format for January 2019 event – a big departure from the traditional three hour race.


One of Britain’s premier Extreme Enduro events and a traditional headline act at the start of the outdoor season, the Michelin Tough One, will take on a radical change of format for the 2019 event, January 27. 

Back in 2010 The Tough One experimented with a “Hot Lap” where Pro riders did a timed individual lap of an extreme loop round the Famous Nantmawr Quarry. This sorted the qualifying start places on the grid out for the Pro’s starting order.

Building on from that, and based on feedback from spectators and riders, organisers of The Tough One, WOR Events, have decided to make the bold move to run the whole race as a Time Trial or 'TT' format.

The man behind The Tough One and WOR Events, Steve Ireland says: “It’s something that we have been tossing around for a good few years now. To modernise and change the format of the event, evolving it into something different from the tried and tested multi-lap event format has almost become a bit stale. 

“Slogging around the demanding Nantmawr quarry for 2.5 or 3hrs is not what the riders really want and also it becomes a bit mundane for the spectators as the “racing” element is usually over after an hour and half and the riders have settled into their race positions.”


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The event now becomes the Michelin Tough One Extreme Enduro TT and can boast multiple former winners, Graham Jarvis and David Knight already signed up to race.

The Tough One will run the same Nantmawr quarry venue in Wales, with the same track type layout (smaller lap though) but will run two bikes per minute around the course. WOR Events say this will allow for some “gorgeous changes and modifications” to the track. 

The event will cater for the Sportsman/Novice, Clubman and Vets in the morning session, followed by the afternoon main event for the Experts and PRO riders.

Riders can expect approx. 8 tests/laps each, with the timed scores being added together to make the winner the one with the quickest times in their respective classes. 


Dash for cash

A special end to the day treat for the spectators will see the top six Pro riders “dash for cash” in a 2 or 3 lap race to finish the event off and win a fist full of dollars for their efforts.

It’s certainly a modern take and an evolution for the event that should deliver for both the rider and the spectators.


Rider entries are open now: 

The Spectator tickets and entry information will be out in December.


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