2019 Novemberkåsan baddass enduro this weekend

One of the maddest and baddest Enduros on the planet, Novemberkåsan, is happening this weekend, November 30-December 1, in Eskilstuna, Sweden. 


Putting a full stop behind all those who always say, “that’s not REAL enduro”, Novemberkåsan arrives this weekend in Sweden as the genuine real enduro deal. Woods riding like nothing else, depending on your point of view it is either heaven or hell on two wheels! Pre-event course images from the organisers are looking like this...

Novemberkåsan 2019 course image

Hanna Berzelius has the pleasure of leading the 170-strong entry away at 9:01am on Saturday November 30 for the two-day event based from the Eskilstuna Motorsport Centre, just over 100 kilometres west of Stockholm, Sweden.

The entry includes the likes of Joakim Ljunggren, Max Ahlin, Anders Eriksson, Oliver Nelson, and 2018 winner Albin Elowson among others.

Check the Novemberkåsan event Facebook page for updates over the weekend. 

Last year’s race…


More information: Novemberkasen.se 

Photo Credit: Novemberkåsan + JeehYang Photography/Jennie Nilson
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