155170 Toby Price KTM 450 RALLY Morocco 2016 1200

We like a bit of Good News Friday and when digging through yesterday’s news from the OiLibya Rally of Morocco Stage 4 one story caught our eye.

Leading the pack out for the day - having won the previous stage - HRC’s Kevin Benavides took a hefty tumble that seriously rung his bell. 

With Toby Price the next person on the scene, the KTM rider was quick to stop and assist.

Ok, we know it’s good conduct to do this, but it makes us smile to see all rivalry thrown aside when it comes to helping another moto guy out.

We’ll let Pricey tells the tale of events…

"After refuel at 219km, I come across Benavides laying on the ground after a big crash. I stopped to help him relax and get his breath back. 

“He hit his head hard and as I finally got to talk with someone to send help, I took my eyes off him for 10 seconds and he climbed back on and took off again. 

“Hope your ok mate, it’s always scary to come across a fallen rider and this was my first time it happened in a rally… win or loose I'll always stop for a riders safety.”

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Benavides finished the stage for sixth but has pulled out from the remainder of the rally due to the crash.

“I don’t remember where or how I fell,” explained Benavides. “I only know that I got up and continued to the end without knowing how. 

“I would like to thank Toby Price who stopped to help me and also to the race organisation which reacted well. Well, these are things that happen and one has to learn from them. I’m sure that I will be back stronger than ever.

Along with helping Benavides it was an eventful day all round for Price, one which included stopping for a poo in the desert!

“Around the 150km mark I was starting to have my stomach turn on me and was needing to poo. With 70km to go it would have been a long hold so I had to stop in the special stage at 200km and go.. It was a quick pit stop!”

We’ll not ask you where you carry the toilet roll!

With one stage of the rally left, it’s Sam Sunderland out front, one minute clear of Price and Husqvarna’s Pablo Quintanilla is third. 

Yamaha are fourth and fifth with Helder Rodrigues and Xavier De Soultrait.


Photos: Marcin Kin, HRC