Spanish manufacturer Rieju announces updates of its Hard Off Road range for 2024: MR Racing, Pro and Ranger models all see aesthetic changes and updates to their specifications for competition, standard and 'soft enduro'.

The Hard Off Road range for 2024 hasn not changed with the MR models coming in Pro, MR Racing and MR Ranger options. Each share Rieju’s two-stroke single cylinder engine with a six-speed gearbox and dual power map (dry/rain), Keihin PW 38 carburetor, oil-immersed multi-disc clutch, hydraulic clutch pump, VForce4 intake and electric and kick start, and its well-known chrome-molybdenum steel backbone chassis with an aluminium subframe.

Starting from a common base and all weighing around 105kg with a 9.8-litre fuel tank, Rieju’s range is topped by the high-spec MR Pro (300), the intermediate standard model MR Racing (250/300cc), and the more docile and capable Ranger (200/300cc).

Technical highlights for all 2024 MR model range:

-  The large multifunction cluster switch on the left side of the handlebar is a thing of the past. For 2024, the bulky turn signal/horn/high & low beam switch has been removed, a simple competition-oriented wiring harness has been installed. There is no more horn, odometer, or extra wiring; only a start button, kill switch, and headlight on/switch come standard.

-  The inline thermostat in the cooling system has been removed; the thermostat (which was subject to sticking) and the housing (which could melt under extreme conditions) have been completely replaced with a straight section of radiator hose for simplicity and reliability.

-  No more choke lever on the clutch master cylinder cap! The little flappy lever on the left side of the bars is gone, and the choke plunger resides on the side of the Keihin carb in its traditional position.


2024 MR Racing and MR Pro also enjoy these additional updates:

-  FMF Pipe and Silencer replace the Tecnigas system from last year.

-  13/50 gearing is much better suited to enduro and trail riding than the 13/48 combo that was standard on previous Racing and Pro models.

-  FunnelWeb Air Filter is now standard equipment on both the 2024 Racing and Pro models. More riding and less cleaning with FWF!

-  Competition “XC” front number plate included at no additional cost.

-  New Graphics separate MY24 from earlier MRs.

Specification for MR Pro, Racing and Ranger models which typically come ready equipped with KYB suspension, bashplates, FMF pipes on the Pro and Racing models, FunnelWeb filter, Galfer brake discs and more as standard.

MR Pro 300/250


MR Racing 250/300


Ranger 200/300



MY2024 bikes are expected to start shipping next week out of Spain and will hit dealer floors as early as first week in July.


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