Friday Supertest results from the 2019 French EnduroGP season finale – Brad Freeman takes the fastest time ahead of Thomas Oldrati and home fan favourite, Christophe Nambotin.

French GP Supertest in a nutshell:

  • Freeman again stamps authority on the weekend by taking the supertest win in 1:40.72 just 0.18 faster than Thomas Oldrati.
  • Oldrati took over the hot seat on the night from home fan favourite, Christophe Nambotin who looked smooth as well as fast on the Gas Gas.
  • Places fourth to seventh were separated by fractions of a second and all in the 1:41 bracket: Matteo Cavallo 1:41.76s, Antoine Meo 1:41.86s, Danny McCanney 1:41.86s, Steve Holcombe 1:41.89s.
  • Enric Francesco was top dog in the Juniors ahead of Jed Etchells storming his best result of the season.
  • Sergio Navarro smashed the Supertest course early on in the Youth class with a blistering 1:41.83s which was fourth fastest time on the night.
  • Jane Daniels won the Women’s class by four seconds from reigning champion, Sanna Karkkainen.

Friday night Supertest, EnduroGP of France 2019, full results:


Photo Credit: Future7Media/Andrea Belluschi