The 2020 Rallye du Maroc organisers reveal Covid concessions in their plans for this year’s race in October with a strong emphasis on their “Road to Dakar” official label for amateur and pro riders aiming for the biggest rally of them all…

A lot has changed since the Morocco Rally organisers announced in February a more “nomadic” event this October 10-14. Covid considerations for the race have meant the plans had to change but the rally will push forward with Dakar-mimicking rules to properly prepare racers for Dakar 2021 including testing of air vest and the use of coloured roadbooks. 

The event, won by Andrew Short in 2019, will also now be organized around a single, “XXL bivouac” to contain itself to avoid social contact with locals but also to reduce costs for racers while improving the social element. 

The 2020 route announced will have significant sand sections with three loops in the erg of Chegaga where the dunes take pride of place. The route will remain varied thanks to two loops along the Draa Valley on alternating terrain for rapid and technical passages while avoiding rocky areas with safety in mind.

The 2020 Rallye du Maroc route


Amateur and pro riders getting ready for Dakar

Seen very much as a major stepping stone for riders on route to the Dakar Rally, the Morocco Rally has the same level of organisation, many of the same rules and aims to be the most accessible international Rally Raid with FIA and FIM labels. 

With categories designed for new riders and an emphasis on finding and learning the skills needed, it allows riders to progress at their own pace and means, alongside pro teams and riders which allows all riders to prepare effectively for the Dakar. The Rallye du Maroc benefits from the “Road to Dakar” label which means it meets the criteria in terms of safety and sports organization.

Road to Dakar

The Rallye du Maroc will be the only Rally event running this label, given its level of organization in sports planning as well as safety. The main advantages for bike participants in the Rallye du Maroc include:

  • Participation in the Rallye du Maroc 2020 validates your registration request for the Dakar 2021 in the bike category.
  • For competitors in the Afriquia Enduro Cup and the Open SSV Maroc Telecom categories who have never participated in the Dakar, the rookies: €1000 discount on bike and a €1,500 discount on SSV registrations for the Dakar 2021, plus a free entry for the first rookie in each of these two categories.



Innovation and safety are at the heart of the Rallye

Our continuous concerns regarding safety are on the one hand that everyone should be concerned with safety, not only the organization but also the competitors and teams. On the other hand, sports, innovation and safety are complementary and not opposing principles, it is in this sense that we wish to move forward, as evidenced by the initiatives implemented in this 2020 edition.

In this context, bike competitors in the GP Rallye category will have a limited number of rear tires to complete the entire Rallye, mechanic intervention will be prohibited at the petrol refuelling points, and finally, an audible alarm will announce all danger 2 and 3’s reported in the road book.

Mandatory bike/quad air bag vests

Following the road versions, the Rally Raid versions are now available and operational. Different brands on the market offer solutions.

ODC is currently in discussions with these companies so that they are present at the start of the Rallye. This will be an opportunity to test products and configure them for use in the Rallye du Maroc. For your information, the bike/quad air bag vest will be mandatory at Dakar.


We will set up a pre-booking system, with no obligation for purchase, in partnership with the players concerned in order to organize the right timing and quality service.

The coloured road books

All participants will have a coloured road books which will be handed out the morning of each stage before the start of the special.

We tested this principle during the 2019 edition; it will now be systematic with two major benefits for all competitors. First of all, putting navigation and fairness in competition at the heart of Rally Raid, all participants thus start on an equal footing. The other advantage is to encourage drivers to increase their safety margin with a more cautious reading of the terrain by sacrificing a little at top speed, a strategy that always pays off in the classifications.


Electronic version or paper version? After careful consideration, taking the advice of the various players and due to the current situation, which has slowed production, the electronic version will only be available in certain categories; the others will use the paper version.

Starting in 2021, the electronic version will be the standard in the Rallye du Maroc as the benefits are numerous, especially for bikes, with a significant weight gain in the front (about 3.5 kg): increased precision, less fatigue, more security.

Malles Moto/Bike Trunks

For bikers who do not have assistance support via a team or a preparer, on request, the registration includes the management of two bike trunks in the bivouac with electrical supply.

We also offer a logistical turnkey solution for bike and trunk transportation from different collection points in European territory so that an unassisted biker can participate individually in the Rallye du Maroc, with only his personal return trip to plan:

  • The round trip rate for the collection point/Bivouac will soon be online.
  • Interested competitors must bring their bikes and trunks to the collection point of their choice on the given dates during the 3rd week of September, which will be specified later.
  • The collection points will be specified according to the requests we receive so that the distance between home and collection point is as short as possible.
  • As an example, points being considered are: Barcelona, Madrid, Bordeaux, Le Havre, Lyon, Strasbourg…
  • The return to the same collection points as the outward journey will be made during the last week of October, on the dates to be specified.

Moving of assistance vehicles

ODC has reserved a private ferry that will leave on the evening of October 6th from the port of Motril or Almeria in southern Spain to reach the port of Nador in Morocco. Several crossing dates can be scheduled depending on the number of requests received.

Again, the objective is to offer a turnkey solution from Europe to reach the Bivouac, located around 900 km north of M’Hamid, as quickly as possible, by limiting costs and by organizing stops in the service stations of our partner Afriquia, for breaks and supplies.

Price includes round trip service for the vehicles

Transportation of passengers in the cabin. We plan to provide 4 person cabins for 2 people in order to comply with the physical distance barrier measures in force at present.

As a reminder, the vehicle assistance package includes assistance with customs formalities if necessary. Obviously, it is up to the competitors and teams to have in their possession all the necessary documents and supporting documents in accordance with the regulations in force in the countries crossed.

Charter flights to Zagora and/or Ourzazate

ODC is currently studying the possibility of setting up one or more specially chartered flights for the Rallye, direct from Europe to Morocco with a departure on the morning of October 7 the for arrival around noon at the Bivouac, with a return flight on October 15th.

Rallye Programme 2020

  • September 27, 2020: Closing of registrations.
  • October 9, 2020: Administrative and technical checks.
  • October 10 to 14, 2020: Stages 1 to 5 of the Rallye du Maroc.
  • October 14 evening: Official Awards Ceremony.

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Photo Credit: Rally Zone + Marcin Kin