Closed borders into Morocco and French vaccine rules force organisers to postpone the 2022 Africa Eco Race from March to October.

Closed borders and French vaccination rules have caused Jean Louis Schlesser and his team behind the Africa Eco Race to change plans yet again for a race which has already been badly affected over the last two years.

Originally scheduled for March 12, the race organisers say they cannot currently guarantee the Morocco border will reopen in time for the event. That, and a new ruling by the French authorities for compulsory vaccinations for all citizens and travellers, would make it very difficult for all riders, racers, teams and partners to go ahead on the original date.

With the original race date looming, that has left them with no choice but to shift the event to the new date of October 15 to 30, 2022

New AER schedule:

October 14-15, administration and boat boarding in Monaco.

October 18-30, 12 stages through Morocco, Mauritania and finishing in Senegal all as planned.

The return of vehicles to France will happen in the first week of November.


In a statement today, January 19, Schlesser is keen to point out the Moroccan authorities are still very eager to have the race go ahead. The emphasis seems more on keeping the logistics smooth and painless while maintaining their ethos of “racing with the maximum pleasure” and no doubt minimum complications for competitors.


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