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Yamaha have released details on their new-for-2018 riding gear from the Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR) and Zenkai range.

For off-road riders there is a good selection of clothing in the high-quality you would expect from Yamaha. Especially of interest to enduro riders are the new lightweight jackets that look perfect for winter riding.

GYTR Enduro Jacket

2018 YAM ACC APP A18 RJ114 E7 0L STU 001 54035


The perfect companion for your enduro ride. The lightweight and ventilated GYTR enduro jacket is all about details.

  • Removable sleeves
  • Ventilated inner lining stitched
  • Adjustable collar and cuffs
  • Removable collar for neckbrace
  • Waterproof pockets
  • Back pocket for water bladder
  • Eyelet exit for water bag
  • Matching the GYTR MX pants, GYTR MX jersey and GYTR gloves.

MX Matterley Enduro Jacket

2016 YAM ACC APP A17 GJ101 F0 0L STU 002


Lightweight enduro jacket featuring Yamaha Racing and GYTR logos.

  • Made of Nylon fabric, easy to clean
  • Removable collar strap in case you want to use a neck brace
  • Turns into a bodywarmer thanks to removable sleeves
  • Sealed front pockets and back pocket
  • Waterproof inner pocket
  • Meshed lining
  • Adjustable cuffs and collar
  • Bag for waterbladder inside
  • Matches perferctly with the MX Lyng Jersey, MX Duns Trousers and MX Foxhill Gloves

2016 YAM ACC APP A17 GJ101 F0 0L STU 005


GYTR range

The GYTR collection is exactly what you would expect from the Yamaha factory stable. High-end, lightweight and durable riding gear. More suitable for off-road riding the GTYR range includes neoprene gloves for when the going gets really nasty.


Innovative off-road riding pants made with high end fabrics to ensure comfort, ventilation and durability.

2018 YAM ACC APP A18 RP106 E7 32 STU 002 54041



Adult riding jersey slim fitted with distinctive Yamaha Racing design made of high end fabrics.

2018 YAM ACC APP A18 RT112 E7 0L STU 001 54031


Neoprene Gloves

The off-road neoprene gloves were created for rally and wintertime with stretch fabric to keep you warm and ensure your comfort.

neoprene gloves


Riding Gloves

The new GYTR off-road gloves have been created with high end fabrics to be like a second skin.

A18 RG104 E7 0L gytr riding gloves light bluewhite L studio 001



Zenkai Range

This collection was inspired by the meaning of Zenkai, which is translated as, the idea of giving your maximum - going full throttle. That's the spirit behind the collection; it’s Bold, Blue, Bright.


The Zenkai riding pants are a mix of fresh design, high quality and strong fabrics.

A18 RP107 E5 32 zenkai mx pants light blue 32 studio 001



Lightweight off-road riding jersey with excellent mobility and light weight.

2018 YAM ACC APP A18 RT113 E5 0L STU 002 55072


Riding Gloves

Off-road riding gloves with carefully selected fabrics for better grip and durability.

2018 YAM ACC APP A18 RG105 E5 0L STU 001 54034