Beta has released their 2023 baby enduro model range, the 2023 RR 50 models which take inspiration from the factory race bikes of Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman in the EnduroGP World Championship.

Which kids doesn’t dreamed of owning their own enduro bike which they ride to class, meet friends without depending on anyone, and then hit the dirt at the weekends?

Beta’s 50cc range answer that with an eye on the fact that baby steps are the nursery for future enduro riders, a way of building the relationship between themselves and customers from an early age.

2022 saw the Italian manufacturer update their smallest displacement range with a new chassis and a Euro 5 compliant engine. That means the 2023 models basically only get new colours but they are good ones if you aspire to ride around looking exactly like Steve Holcombe or Brad Freeman.

Beta RR 50 Enduro range highlights:

Available in three versions – RR Enduro, RR Enduro Sport and RR Enduro Racing – which basically are more or less equipped with different spec parts although all of them share common components like frame and engine. When you look at them quickly, We have to admit it’s hard to tell the difference between the RR Enduro Racing and the RR Racing 125 model.

Cycle parts:

  • Chassis with a revised geometry, for better handling and claimed greater agility.
  • Design inspired by the larger RR 2T/4T
  • Polymer rear subframe that integrates the electrical components, the filter box and the metal supports. It’s not just for kids who weight nothing, the design accomodates adult rider weight
  • Longer swingarm for greater driving stability and better traction
  • Revised shock setting on Enduro models to improve off-road handling
  • Exhaust: compact, racing and worthy of a real motorcycle
  • One key locking system for steering/ignition, tank and seat
  • Rear LED taillight
  • Brakes: front 260mm, rear 220mm
  • 6.5 litre (1.4gal) tank
  • Micro-cast footpegs, for unprecedented driving control


  • Two-stroke, six-speed, single-cylinder engine, liquid-cooled, all models equipped with oil mixer, so no premix fuel necessary when refuelling (except RR 50 Racing and a conversion kit is available)
  • New gear lever with forged forks for a more precise grip and feel
  • New gas vapor recovery system to meet Euro 5 regulations
  • New air filter box is integral to the bike’s design, developed to reduce noise in compliance with current regulations and with a quick release system for easier maintenance as with larger Beta enduro models


Beta RR 50 Enduro Racing

Of the three models presented by Beta, the RR Enduro Racing is the most competition-oriented and comes equipped with a series of extra parts better adapted to off-road.

Those upgrades include twin radiators, adjustable suspension, dual-piston front brake calipers and aluminium wheels.


Extra equipment RR 50 Enduro Racing:

  • Aluminium swingarm
  • 41mm adjustable upside-down fork
  • Variable diameter handlebar ø 28.5 mm without bar in the middle
  • Red anodized silencer
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension
  • Reserved shock, adjustable for preload, compression and rebound
  • No balance shaft: less inertia and better performance
  • double radiator
  • Alloy wheels
  • Translucent tank (requires pre-mixing)
  • Red chassis
  • Dual-piston front brake caliper



The 2023 Beta RR 50 Enduro models are available now from Beta dealers.


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