Day two results from the French EnduroGP which saw a dramatic climax to the 2019 Enduro World Championship season and Bradley Freeman crowned EnduroGP World Champion.

Alongside Freeman's celebrations Loic Larrieu scored a home victory after fighting to the very last test with Alex Salvini for the E2 world championship. 

EnduroGP of France day two in a nutshell:

  • Bradley Freeman had a 14-point cushion starting the day and rode, by his own admission, with the pressure of the title on his shoulders. 
  • Not that you’d know it, despite a slow-ish start Brad moved up the leader board to basically trail Holcombe home in P4 to seal the 2019 championship.
  • Steve Holcombe didn’t give it up without a fight and "gave it everything." The newly crowned E3 champ set about maintaining his pace and the overall lead but admitted to running out of fitness by the last lap and had to settle for P3.
  • Holcombe's year ended with the bonus of taking the Mika Ahola 'Brave One' award for the fastest combined test times.
  • Loic Larrieu and Alex Salvini had one hell of a fight for the E2 world title which saw the pair trading test wins and ramping each other to the top of the time sheets and fighting for the overall victory. The second and third laps were unbelievable to watch but in the end it was Larrieu who nailed it to take the world title.
  • Another French rider, Theo Espinasse, had the upper hand in the Juniors, with the home crowd pushing the Factory Sherco rider to P1. Ruy Barbosa and Dan Mundell were the other podium riders, both having a strong end to their seasons.  
  • Jane Daniels took hold of the Women’s World Cup Class with unbelievable domination. The British rider clocked three minutes ahead of the rest on day one and over one minute clear due to “a few nerves” on day two to become the 2019 Women’s World Champ. 
  • A super-tight race unfolded in the Youth class between Nathan Berrard and Sergio Navarro, just as it had on day one. Day two turned the tables and saw the Spanish rider take victory by 1:42s.

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Photo credit: Future7Media/Andrea Belluschi