Want more dunes and Saudi sand? Enduro21 brings together all the videos, results and notebooks from all 14 Dakar Rally stages of the 45th edition so you can enjoy the epic moments and our analysis from the bivouacs as the race unfolded.

Kevin Benavides took the Tuareg trophy in this 45th edition of the Dakar Rally, after an all-or-nothing battle with his Red Bull KTM Factory Racing teammate, Toby Price, in the 14th and final stage. After almost 5,000 kilometres of timed special and more than 43 hours of fighting against the clock and navigating in the desert, only 43 seconds separated the Argentine from the Australian in an race that will be remembered as the closest finish in the Dakar history.

Stage 14: Al-Hofuf - Dammam


Dakar ’23 notebook: Top 3 riders talk highs and waypoint woes that decided the race

2023 Dakar Rally: Kevin Benavides wins by 43 seconds from Toby Price

Stage 13: Shaybah - Al-Hofuf



Dakar ’23 daily notebook: Is tomorrow’s result a done deal?

2023 Dakar Rally: stage 13 results – Kevin Benavides steals the win, Price leads by just 12 seconds

Stage 12: Saybah - Empty Quarter (marathon 2nd part)


Enduro21 Notebook: Behind the scenes look at factory Dakar service

2023 Dakar Rally: Jose Cornejo tops stage 12 results – decisive Price takes race lead

Stage 11: Shaybah - Empty Quarter (marathon 1st part)


Dakar ’23 daily notebook: what maintenance are RallyGP riders doing on their bikes?

2023 Dakar Rally: Stage 11 results – fight for victory heats up, Luciano Benavides wins, Howes regains control

Stage 10: Haradh - Shaybah


Dakar ’23 daily notebook: stage 10 – engine swaps, ketamine, and can we predict the winner?

2023 Dakar Rally: Stage 10 results – Second win for Ross Branch, Kevin Benavides claims overall lead

Stage 9: Riyadh - Haradh


Dakar ’23 daily notebook: lost roadbooks and playing find the tree

2023 Dakar Rally: Stage 9 results – Luciano Benavides takes second stage win, Price closes in on Howes’ lead

Stage 8: Al Duwadimi - Riyadh


Dakar ’23 daily notebook: Rest day? What rest day?

2023 Dakar Rally: Stage 8 results – Ross Branch wins for Hero, Howes retains race lead

Stage 7: Riyadh - Al Duwadimi (Cancelled)

Dakar ’23 daily notebook: stage 7 cancelled for the bikes after 12 hour, 900km day

Stage 6: Ha'il - Riyadh


Dakar Rally 2023: Husqvarna double on stage 6 – Luciano Benavides wins, Skyler Howes leads overall

Stage 5: Ha'il - Ha'il


Dakar 2023, stage 5 daily notebook: “It was a brutal crash…a big one”

2023 Dakar Rally: Stage 5 results – Adrien Van Beveren wins as Barreda has a big one

Stage 4: Ha'il - Ha'il


Dakar ’23 daily notebook: Bang Bang’s big 30 and no gentleman’s agreements

2023 Dakar Rally: Stage 4 results – 30th career win for Joan Barreda – Sanders retains the lead

Stage 3: Alula - Ha'il


Dakar ’23 daily notebook: stage three – “best day ever on a bike” and are old guys cutting it anymore?

2023 Dakar Rally: Stage 3 results – New race leader Sanders hangs ‘em out to dry

Stage 2: Sea Camp - Alula


Dakar ’23 daily notebook: stage two – singing to yourself, hard lines and tea breaks

Dakar Rally 2023: Stage 2 results – maiden win for Mason Klein

Stage 1: Sea Camp - Sea Camp


Dakar ’23 daily notebook: way to go stage one, what a start to the rally

2023 Dakar Rally: Stage 1 results – Ricky Brabec wins dramatic opening day

Prologue: Sea Camp - Sea Camp


2023 Dakar daily notebook: prologue positions matter (plus don’t ride too fast)

2023 Dakar Rally: Prologue results – Toby Price quickest


Photo Credit: Marcin Cin


Videos: Amaury Sport Organisation